I am beyond excited to be a part of what I feel is a new era in nutrition. An era of dietitians embracing ALL foods as a part of a balanced diet. An era of dietitians completely rejecting “diet” mentalities. And an era of dietitians helping each other and our clients TRUST and adore their bodies .

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From a young age, I have had an intimate relationship with food: a relationship with its complexities and new discoveries. Near the end of my undergraduate days, I developed an eating disorder that disfigured the way I viewed food. Throughout my time with this disorder, a time that brought both frustrations and feelings of hopelessness, it also introduced me to the dietitian profession. In an effort to restore my relationship with food, I met with an RD for the first time – an experience that allowed me to develop a newfound perspective on nutrition; one in which food served as the nourishment to fuel my thoughts, relationships, and dreams. 

Meeting with a dietitian illustrated the value in consuming a varied diet full of vitamins and minerals that sustain our brains and allow us to become stronger with each passing day. My experience with a dietitian bred a high level of appreciation and respect for the services these health professionals provide and how they directly contributed to my improved quality of life. 

This journey taught me that life is too short to spend one more second hating how you look or your personality based on what you had for dinner, how many times you worked out this week, or what social media is telling you is normal. I cannot tell you how much I desperately wish I could take back the countless hours I spent frustrated with my body when it allows me to do SO many incredible things – read, write, sing, dance until 2 AM with my friends, eat delicious sweet potato fries, climb mountains! I want you to worship it for all of these reasons and more.



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