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Are You Reading Too Much Into Poker Books?

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Rounder Girl of the Month

Spencer Scott

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Featured Players Mihn Nguyen Susie Isaacs Dutch Boyd Joe Tehan Lou Esposito


Congratulations to Rounder Magazine's 2007 Rounder of the Year: Timothy T.K. Miles

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  • 1. Charles "Cannonball" Williams, NV
  • 2. Robert Castoire, KY
  • 3. Matt “Cub” Culberson, LA
  • 4. Jonathan Tare, NY
  • 5. Mihn “The Master” Nguyen, CA
  • 6. Jae C "JC" Chang, TX
  • 7. Rami Jradeh, MA
  • 8. Buddy Lockwood,TX
  • 9. Arthur “Glenn” Evans, FL
  • 10. Wade Townsend, TX
  • 11. Lynn Achey, MO
  • 12. Jay Koeller, FL
  • 13. Howard Reid, MO
  • 14. Joey Sharp, GA
  • 15. Mike Samuel, IL
  • 16. Terry Stewart
  • 18. Kerry Rowden Iberia, MO
  • 19. Chris "cbfour" Blaich, MD
  • 20. Chris Reslock, NJ
  • 21. John Lovejoy, NE
  • 22. Mark Garner, LA
  • 23. Kirby Brewer, MO
  • 24. Richard McCrary, AL
  • 25. John Pack, NV


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