Eat Collective: Puff Pancakes

“Puff’s an old recipe handed down. We’re Finnish so it’s something that’s from the fam handed down, so my grandmother, my mother, everybody does the puff pancakes. So you do them in a big cast iron pan...I don’t know, as a child I just always remember the big pans coming out and going into the oven. It’s just kind of your standard eggs, milk, lots of butter, all the flour, you know the basic necessities of life. And those would get mixed and go into the oven, and the big pot pans would come out with these beautiful puff pancakes, curving around the edges and just the smell. And then my mom...would finish them off with fresh lemon, just wedges of lemon and powdered sugar. And that was, like, all we needed in life. But then there’s this whole other realm of whole foods and no it’s just a balance.”