Why Hello There

If you are reading this post, then you have found yourself on the blog of Georgia Rounder Nutrition – a blog devoted to honoring and celebrating our human experience and the life we truly want to live.



That may sound lofty and super deep, but I am a twenty-something female with all of the feelings and questions and thoughts and goals, so there you have it.  

Over the past year or so, I have had a bit of a resurgence. After moving to the West Coast in the midst of my eating disorder recovery, I have been on a crazy and wild journey of self-love and self-discovery. Over this time period, I have gone from fearing foods and weight gain and meeting new people TO enjoying dessert every night and buying new clothes that fit my new body and becoming the confident woman I want to be. I am now on a road of accepting and appreciating both my physical and emotional entities. I aim to not only continue along this path myself - but also help others find happiness and comfort within their souls and feel EMPOWERED through my “day job” role as a Registered Dietitian.


And I want you to come along with me for the journey, the never-ending journey of “becoming.”

In the words of adventurer, writer, and life-lover Jedidiah Jenkins,

"18 does not have to be the best years of your life…they keep coming when you keep turning the page on identity and learning more about yourself and discover how beautiful it is to still be ‘becoming’”

I am a far different person than I was at 18, and I intend to keep that evolution going, including all the triumphs and struggles and breakthroughs and losses that happen along the way.


This space will be devoted to this idea of “becoming” and the ways in which it manifests in my life…

Personal reflections, thoughts, and stories on everything from body image to exercise to carbs

Interviews with individuals and wellness leaders who inspire the heck out me

Travel journals of my escapades around this beautiful country (and hopefully across borders as well)

Simple recipes…here and there…I am by no means an expert in the kitchen, but I am determined to try

Home décor, plants, skin care, and my never-ending mishaps and adventures with eyeliner

Collaborations with my fellow nutrition babes and friends, creating innovative content and a community within this blogsphere


My series “Eat: Food for Thought with Humans of the Street” - think Humans of New York but instead I’ll be talking with strangers about their grandmother’s legendary biscuit recipe…oh yes, it’s gonna be good


To be honest, I’m really freaking excited to embark on this journey within the boundaries of this screen and beyond…but also really freaking scared. Because new beginnings are scary. Change is scary. Growth is scary. Geez, simply putting yourself out there is scary.

 But what kind of life are we living if we’re not jolted out of our seats every now and then?